Reactivating un-used parts of our brains

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Reactivating un-used parts of our brains

Post by Phoenix on Sun Sep 08, 2013 11:08 pm

I was reading some things on the 95% of our brain we do not use anymore and it was suggested some of these areas can be reactivated or 'flexed', in other words, start to exercise this muscle, and eventually that person may develop psychic powers, Not sure what this is, but it mentioned a "TENS" device, which is sort of like electro shock, but one pad is stuck to right side of ones head, just above the ear, and another pad on the left side and once the shock is initiated, that person experiences some wild things. Id like to learn more about this and what became of anyone who took part in this, or other methods trying to reach the same goal.(meditation is also suggested as a tool to develop this, but it requires alot of focus and time).
Telekinesis is really what Im interested in, Ive read some things which suggest this is possible to learn and exercise this ability, but Ive never seen or heard of anyone that can move anything more than a paperclip. But in actuality, if everything here is truly just energy in different forms, this process should be quite possible, with ANY object.
Anyone here have any suggestions or comments about this, or lead me in the right direction. Thanks

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Re: Reactivating un-used parts of our brains

Post by Ronove Sasuke-sensei on Mon Sep 09, 2013 7:05 pm

Well, anyone can go for electro therapy, i think. Depending..........

But that will cost you a pretty dollar lofl @

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